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Our Reception class is named after Mary Seacole
Mrs Lauren Batchelor

Reception Teacher

Mrs Jess Hampshire

Reception Teacher

Mrs Hayley Reid

Reception TA

Mrs Sarah Carpenter

Reception TA

The Best Start to School

Our Reception Class

We want every child to have the very best possible start to their school life in our Reception class. At Princecroft we believe in providing a safe and stimulating learning environment with rich experiential opportunities, that cater for the children’s different needs and supports child-initiated learning. 

In Reception we provide exciting play-based experiences so children develop in confidence, learn to communicate with others, take turns and share.  We are fortunate to have a spacious and well-resourced classroom and a large outside area that includes role-play areas, purpose-built water and sand features, and a stage for performing. The children’s creative skills are developed through music lessons with our specialist teacher, and art opportunities within the classroom environment. The children’s physical development is supported through activities and experiences in the class outside area and school grounds. They also go swimming in Reception class and are taught PE by our sports specialist teacher. 

The children receive whole class, small group and individual focused teaching that supports and develops the children’s knowledge and skills. From the moment children start at Princecroft, they learn to read, develop a love of stories, and begin their early writing through our focused and systematic teaching programmes. The children are taught phonics through a quality first phonics programme called Sounds-Write which is taught daily. They learn to write in an engaging and motivating way through our Talk for Writing programme which helps children to learn, invent and enjoy different stories. 

The Reception class are very well supported by skilled teachers and Teaching Assistants who encourage the children to explore and learn.

An Inspirational Nurse

About Mary Seacole


Mary Seacole was an important nurse and a hero of the Crimean War. Mary’s father was a Scottish soldier and her mother was Jamaican. She loved travelling even though at the time, it wasn’t common for women to travel a lot. She was also a business woman who travelled and bought spices to sell back in Jamaica.

Mary wanted to help soldiers in the Crimean War and tried to join Florence Nightingale and her nurses. The War Office in London wouldn’t let her so she went there herself. She set up the ‘British Hotel’ and treated sick and wounded soldiers. She also rode on horseback into the battlefields to nurse wounded men from both sides.

After the war, she received medals from different countries for her bravery.

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