Year 3 - Newton

Our Year 3 class is named after Isaac Newton
Miss Kathy Dredge

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Lydia Moore

Year 3 TA

Miss Andrea Winstanley

Year 3 TA

A Revolutionary Scientist

About Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton’s father was a farmer and his parents separated when he was young. He wasn’t keen on school and preferred reading and making things. In 1661 he went to Cambridge University and studied maths, physics and astronomy.

Isaac Newton saw an apple falling from a tree and he wondered why it fell down rather than across or up. He said gravity is a pulling force that keeps people on the ground. He also discovered that gravity keeps the moon in orbit.

Newton was also interested in light and colour and found that light could be split like a rainbow. He developed an area of maths called calculus. He later became a Member of Parliament.

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