Ethos & Values

Our school standards

The Very Best for Our Children

Committed to Excellence

Princecroft aims to be one of the best primary schools in the country, with a culture of excellence embedded in everything we do. We want to provide an outstanding education to ensure each child reaches their greatest potential to achieve their very best in life. Our values of Achieve, Respect and Believe are central to everything we do at Princecroft and we have children who are happy, hardworking and well-behaved.

Here are some of the things we are doing at Princecroft to embed our ethos and values:

Inspiring Approach

Exceptional Curriculum

We believe that every child is entitled to an exceptional curriculum.

Our curriculum draws on the ‘best that has been thought and said’ so that the children receive high quality teaching and learning in all subjects.

A key part of the curriculum is our ‘11 by 11’; 11 experiences every child at Princecroft will have had by the age of 11.

We deliver training for other schools in our curriculum approach, which has been widely praised as ‘inspirational’.

Creating a Culture

Outstanding Behaviour

The behaviour at Princecroft was described as ‘impeccable’, ‘exemplary’ and ‘outstanding’ at our last OFSTED inspection in March 2018.

This has been achieved over a number of years through creating a culture where high quality behaviour is the expectation and the norm.

It has been developed around the School’s Calm School Code which emphasises speaking politely, listening carefully, moving calmly and acting kindly.

Fostering Community

Family Lunch

Family lunch is an opportunity for pupils and staff to eat together each day to share conversation, serve each other and appreciate acts of kindness.

We are all part of a school community. Our family lunch allows us to come together, enjoy spending the time together and get to know each other better.

To engage the children, there is a different topic of conversation each day and the children have an opportunity to show appreciation of others by expressing thanks at the end of the lunch.

We especially like to welcome parents and visitors to join us for our family lunches.



Our most recent OFSTED inspection was carried out in March 2018, and the school was rated as Good with Outstanding features.

The inspection acknowledged many of the school’s strengths:



Parents are invited to provide feedback on the work of the school via the ParentView website.

This short survey provides an opportunity to give responses to twelve questions about the work of the school.

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