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What Can Parents Do To Help?

Our approach to home learning is built around the summary of international evidence provided by the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF) in January 2020.  This evidence suggests that parents can support children in homework completion and in developing effective learning habits, and suggests that short focused activities linking directly to what is being taught in class, are most effective.

This additional practice at home helps the children embed learning in their long term memories as research suggests that regular retrieval of knowledge can help children more effectively remember key concepts.

We aim to make home learning as easy as possible for parents to access and support at home. It is important that homework is convenient for parents to incorporate successfully into their daily lives and does not become a burden that takes away from quality family time. If families prefer, we offer a homework club for Years 2 to 6 each week which all children are welcome to attend.

We encourage children to: read every night, learn spellings that are based around the recent Sounds-Write lessons, and to reinforce maths number work. Children have knowledge organisers which show important information and key vocabulary in their current topics that we want the children to learn. Regular home school projects also excite and engage the children in their topic work.

At Home

Additional Practice

More specifically we like the children to do the following home learning:





Topic Work

Each child has a knowledge organiser with key information and vocabulary that we want each child to securely learn in any topic. Parents can practice this with children at home and also support the children in learning more widely about the topics, for example through visiting a library or finding out information on the internet. We also set regular home school projects linked with their topic work and the children are able to share their work in class.

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