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This is one of the UK’s finest primary schools and I encourage anyone interested in curriculum and scholarly learning to visit.

Jan Hilary, National Leader in Education

Exceptional Education

Our Curriculum

Our aim at Princecroft is to provide an exceptional education for all our children so they develop a love of learning and are well prepared for success in future life. We believe that children are entitled to an outstanding curriculum, not just in English and mathematics, but in all subjects so they develop a knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for learning in the arts, humanities, science, languages and sport.

Here at Princecroft, we are justifiably proud of our curriculum which we have designed with a genuine passion for what we believe our young learners need to know.

The children are taught reading, writing, phonics and maths lessons every day, and PE and sports lessons every week. We teach other curriculum topics in blocks so children can focus on one subject discipline at a time, as each subject area is unique and has a specific knowledge and skill set. We want our children to be able to immerse themselves in a topic, in order to get the most out of it. Our blocks of learning in subjects such as history, geography and science last approximately 3-4 weeks and are comprised of about 12 lessons, culminating in each child writing a high-level cross curricular essay upon completion.

High Quality Teaching

Knowledge-Rich Learning

We believe it is important that children remember and recall a broad range of curriculum knowledge to support their learning. For example, we want our children to be able to quickly identify key works of art; to locate countries on a map; and to recall key features of historical periods. We provide children with knowledge organisers, detailing the most important information they need to know. Children are quizzed on these in low-stakes, fun recall sessions to embed the learning of key facts and concepts in their long-term memories.

Our curriculum is supported by a range of exciting extra-curricular visits and activities that are part of our ‘11 by 11’, 11 experiences every child will have completed by the time he or she is 11 years old. These include visiting key historical sites, singing at the 02 in London, visiting key art galleries and performing in a theatre production.

We provide training for other teachers and school leaders to support them in developing a high quality curriculum in their own schools.

11 by 11

11 by 11

We strongly believe that every child has an entitlement to see and experience ‘the best that has been thought and said’ through rich and meaningful activities and school visits. To support this, we have identified 11 key experiences that every child will enjoy by the age of 11 – our 11 by 11. These are not experiences for a few, but an entitlement to every child who comes to Princecroft. The experiences are carefully woven into the curriculum where there are rich learning links to the rest of their studies, making it memorable as well as developing their knowledge and understanding.

11 things the Princecroft children will have experienced by the age of 11:


To have read at least 40 classic children’s books through the school’s reading spine.


To have visited historical sites of national/international importance including Stonehenge, Roman Baths, SS Great Britain and Hampton Court.


To have sung in a choir of 5000 children at the O2 Arena and performed in a theatre production.


To have visited key geographical features including caves in the Mendips and going fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast.


To have experienced the arts at key national venues including a West End theatre visit, Tate Britain art gallery and a live orchestra performance.


To understand the importance of the democratic process with visits Houses of Parliament and the Magna Carta.


To have developed a love of nature and the natural world through visits to Kew Gardens and Stourhead.


To have been on a pilgrimage and to the places of worship of the five main religions.


To be amazed at the wonder of the science with opportunities for a night’s star gazing and visiting We, the Curious.


To have represented the school at a major sporting PE event, for example playing for a school team or participating in the Dance Festival in Bath.


To organise and take part in a Make a Difference Day where the children do things for others and to set up a business to act as philanthropists to give away the profits.

Our Teaching Approach

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